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We’ve been in the business since 1990. Our decades of service have made us a top choice in the industry. We are a local Pressure Washer store in China, but because of our first-rate service, Pressure Washer China has become a household name to the neighboring countries in Asia. We are a trusted supplier for America, Europe, and the Middle East. Pressure Washer China was founded on the basis of service and knowledge-sharing. After a thorough industry search and product development, we tapped into marketing quality products later on. We are pleased to have a growing number of loyal patrons and a community of contract cleaners that are very important to us.

All-in-One Solution

Whether you need a power washer for a commercial service or a household need, we have the right products for any of your concerns. Managing a property can be all-consuming. Without the right tools and resources, things can quickly escalate and go out of hand. But even in these trying situations, you need not worry; we’ve got you covered. Pressure Washer China exists for the convenience of everybody. It is our job to provide solutions that are easy, safe, and comfortable for you. It’s for this reason why we’ve become a one-stop-shop for our customers. We have a comprehensive list of pressure washers and other related services. We can help you get your job done quickly and easily. Give our products and services a try, and see for yourself. If this interests you, kindly contact us. We can give you a FREE quote together with some technical data sheets so you’ll be more informed about a specific product. You can reach us by using our online Contact Us form or talk to us directly using our hotline number.

Do you need help scouting for the best product? Looking for repair services? Or needing a troubleshoot?

Whatever your concerns are, come through us. We’ll take care of you.


Si Chuan Sheng Cheng Du Shi Guang Hua Cun Jie 66hao 17-1-2, ChengDu – QingYang District, Sichuan, China

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